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Cave diving in Eagle Nest takes experience, training

Cave diving in Eagle Nest takes experience, training

TAMPA, Fla. (TBO.com) — Becky Kagan Schott has explored Eagle Nest Sink dozens of times. Her production company made the definitive video on the popular cave-diving site. She speaks with authority in assessing the unassuming Hernando County pond.

“Without proper training, this is a very dangerous place to go,” she said.

Jim Wyatt, a cave-diving instructor for nearly 40 years, concurred.

“This is not a place for novices,” he said.

But Darrin Spivey and his son, Dillon Sanchez, slid into the water on Christmas Day without the advanced training and certification recommended for such a dive. Theirs were not the first bodies to be pulled from Eagle Nest Sink.

At least eight have died there since 1981 in an atmosphere where the senses can betray and panic can be fatal.

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