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Dozens of Blue Crabs Found Dead

Dozens of Blue Crabs Found Dead

(Tampa, Fla. - WFLA) - The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County is trying to figure out what killed dozens of blue crabs in McKay Bay near the Port of Tampa. The dead crabs showed up on Labor Day.

The EPC general manager of monitoring, Barbara Goetting, says the agency took preliminary samples along the seawall Tuesday. And a hydro-lab did more testing on Wednesday.

Possible causes could could be low oxygen levels on the bottom of the Bay or crab parasites. Preliminary tests show no problems with the oxygen levels. It will take several weeks for all the test results to come in.

Goetting says it could be hard to tell where the die-off originated from since tides could carry the dead crabs to different areas. But she says there were no other dead animals in the area, so its probably not a contaminant that killed the crabs.

She says the die-off appears to be over.


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