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Governor Stands Firm on No Tuition Hike

Governor Stands Firm on No Tuition Hike

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (970 WFLA/ AP)- Governor Rick Scott is using a novel way to get universities to freeze fees charged to students.

The governor refused to go along with granting state approval to bonding for two schools until the universities agreed to keep down costs for students.

Scott said that Florida International University will freeze a student fee as a condition for approval for a new parking garage on campus.

Scott told the cabinet that FIU agreed to a six-year freeze in its transportation access fee paid by every student, even those walking or riding bikes to classes.

The cabinet also approved bonding authority to build a new dormitory at Florida State University, after the school said it won't require freshmen to live in dorms and won't require dorm residents to buy meal plans.


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