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Man Wears "Pot" Shirt to His Court Trial

Man Wears

PASCO, Fla.(970 WFLA)- Alfred Robinson is a man of conviction. 

The self- described “medical marijuana missionary”, who was arrested in July by Pasco County deputies, wore a shirt that displayed a pot plant with the inscription “Help Legalize Medical Marijuana”. Authorities found two pot plants on his 5 acre property in Shady Hills back in July. This was not the first time Robinson arrived at court wearing his beliefs on his back. 

The first time he appeared before Circuit Judge William Webb in January he was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. The judge also threatened to hold him in contempt of court if he wore the shirt again. Judge Webb was removed from the case based on a complaint from Robinson’s lawyer that the threat was a violation of his clients First Amendment rights. 

Robinson said “I don’t know if the marijuana kills the pain or makes me forget the pain, but it doesn’t matter whether it does. It just does”.


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