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Nocco: Pasco deputy departures becoming ‘critical situation’

Nocco: Pasco deputy departures becoming ‘critical situation’

NEW PORT RICHEY (TBO.com) — Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco is convinced the steady trickle of deputies to other local agencies will give way to a flood if his department can’t provide better pay.

Over the years, the sheriff’s office has lost officers to other higher-paying, neighboring law enforcement agencies. That trend, he says, will continue to get worse. 

“Pasco County, we’re in a situation where we have our members, they have to feed their families like everybody does,” Nocco said. “They have mortgages and for doing the same job, just crossing into Pinellas, crossing into Hillsborough, going to Tampa, or going somewhere else, they’re making more money.

“(The) critical situation that we’re getting into is the fact that we have other regions, other sheriff’s offices, other police departments that are hiring at a higher rate than we are. I can understand our members are leaving because they’re just weighing out the differences and what’s best for their families.”

During Thursday’s press conference, six letters of resignation were presented, three from 2014.

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