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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stops in Tampa

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stops in Tampa

Tampa, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Kacee con Queso is an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger who drives the Wienermobile all across the country with a co-pilot named Sam and Cheese. This week, Sam, the Wienermobile and Kacee are in Tampa.

This week, they will be bringing the big dog to a few locations in the area:

Thursday, Feb. 13          


11 AM5 PM      

1794 22nd St. South

St. Petersburg, FL


Friday, Feb. 14                   


11 AM5 PM      

2677 Roosevelt Blvd.

Largo, FL


Saturday, Feb. 15                   


10 AM4 PM      

2171 Gulf to Bay Blvd.

Clearwater, FL


At these events, Sam and Kacee will be hosting fun, family-friendly activities for the crowd to enjoy. They will also be available to take pictures and of course, hand out the iconic Wiener Whistles!

Sam and Kacee are two of twelve Hotdoggers currently traveling the Hotdog Highways of America. The 12 were selected from over 1,500 applicants for this one-year, once in a lifetime opportunity with Oscar Mayer. Every year Oscar Mayer recruits at campuses across the U.S. looking for soon-to-be college graduates who have a taste for adventure and can truly cut the mustard. Each team of two is assigned one of six regions to travel. Take a look at their Instagram (@TheWienermobile), Twitter (@Wienermobile), or their blog (www.hotdoggerblog.com) to get a glimpse into their franktastic road trip!


Photo Credit 970 WFLA/K. Norman


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