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Pinellas Teens Behind String of Violence

Pinellas Teens Behind String of Violence

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (News Channel 8)- The videotaped beating in early July by three 15-year-old Lealman Intermediate School students against a 13-year-old classmate made national news.

And just seven weeks ago, in front of the Citrus Grove Apartments, St. Petersburg police say 15-year-old Latellis Everett held up a 15-year-old boy, using a semi-automatic hand gun.

And this latest incident that happened Wednesday night around 9:00 p.m. St. Petersburg police say Le'Genius Wisdom Williams got into an argument with three or four young people and then they say he got out a gun.

They say Williams, using a small caliber handgun at close range, shot a 15-year-old young man several times in the upper body.

The victim managed to make it to a house about a block away, where he pleaded for the residents to call 911.

The common thread in all three crimes: teens attacking teens.

Psychologist, Dr. Michael Greenberg is highly experienced working with teen criminals.

"These children are extremely impulsive. They are children, if you will. And their brains are not fully formed until age 21," said Dr. Greenberg.

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