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Scam Artists Targeting The Elderly In St. Petersburg

Scam Artists Targeting The Elderly In St. Petersburg

ST.PETE, Fla (970 WFLA)- A couple of scam artists are making their way around St. Petersburg targeting elderly residents at their home.  

Mike Puetz with St. Petersburg Police says the two men will find a way to approach a resident at their home, unsolicited, and get invited inside. Once inside the home, one man will distract the victim while the other steals small items like cash and jewelry.  The scammers have used various stories like claiming to be with the water department.  Most recently they show up and offer to do some home improvement or pest control.  They will "accidentally" get some of the chemical on the victim, then assist them inside to wash it off.  Puetz says if someone approaches your home unsolicted, turn them away, secure your home and call police.

There have been seven incidents in St. Pete this year and Puetz suspects this is happening in other parts of the bay area as well.


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